Elizabeth Edwards

Cheering for calm

Hannah Jones made a choice to change her diet and, ultimately, her life. Diagnosed with pediatric epilepsy in 2011, Hannah has been off and on epilepsy medications that caused deteriorating

Improving care for young hearts

Imagine holding your newborn infant and hearing from your pediatrician that your child has a malformation of his or her heart, known as congenital heart disease (CHD). About 40,000 parents

Beverly and Jason Kravitt at the Great Wall of China.

The power of words

In 1982, in a suburban Chicago delivery room, Beverly and Jason Kravitt received devastating news. In rushed, unfeeling words, hospital staff told them that their infant son, Cameron, did not have a heartbeat. After giving birth to her stillborn son, Beverly was only allowed to hold him for a few minutes before he was whisked away.

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