Day: June 9, 2022

Two disciplines, one goal

“Don’t you work at the hospital?” Elliott Sigal asked the young woman in front of him in the cafeteria line. He had seen Ruth Leff at work and around the

Athlete inspires thousands to give

When it came to swimming, Ted Mullin’s motto was “leave it in the pool.” Mullin, who at 22 died of synovial sarcoma, a rare malignant tumor, was a collegiate athlete

Cheering for calm

Hannah Jones made a choice to change her diet and, ultimately, her life. Diagnosed with pediatric epilepsy in 2011, Hannah has been off and on epilepsy medications that caused deteriorating

Training future leaders in young adult cancer care

In 2008, UChicago Medicine physician-scientists Wendy Stock, MD, and the late James Nachman, MD, made a discovery that dramatically altered the way doctors treat adolescents and young adults with cancer. Ten

Smoothing the way for the next generation

Seeking to help generations of medical students fulfill their potential, Anne Hong, MD, and her husband, Paul Poy, recently established an endowed scholarship and annual lectureship at the University of

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