The Visiting Committee Welcomes Stacey Kaniewski

Recently elected co-president of the Comer Development Board, Stacey Kaniewski shares her aspirations for the University of Chicago Medicine Visiting Committee. Kaniewski has served on the Comer Development Board for the past seven years and co-chaired the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital RBC Race for the Kids several times. Additionally, she is very active in the recruitment of new board members, including five new members in FY15.

Made up of 26 members, the Comer Development Board helps generate support for Comer Children’s Hospital by sharing information regarding the hospital’s programs, services, and special events with a wide range of audiences.

Q.)  What do you hope to accomplish on the Visiting Committee?

A.) In my role on the Visiting Committee, I hope to continue learning and to be a better advocate for Comer Children’s Hospital. I also hope to use my experiences from the Visiting Committee to help increase our fundraising efforts and community awareness. 

Q.) What drew you to the Comer Development Board?

A.)  I joined the Comer Development Board in 2008 shortly after the Board was established because I was interested in helping grow the organization from its start.  When I first heard Dr. John Cunningham (professor of pediatrics, physiology, and stem cell biology, and section chief of pediatric hematology/oncology) speak, I was impressed with his passion for the hospital and realized the important role Comer Children’s Hospital plays in children’s health care, particularly on the South Side of Chicago. I wanted to make a contribution. 

Q.) What have you enjoyed most about your role as co-president of the Comer Development Board?

A.) Since assuming the role of co-president in January, I have enjoyed learning more about the role Comer Children’s Hospital plays within the University of Chicago organization. I have also found the presentations by the physicians of the board to be not only informative, but also incredibly inspiring. 

Q.) Please share a fun fact about yourself that is unique to you.

A.) I am an avid hiker and several years ago I was fortunate to be able to fulfill a lifelong dream of climbing and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro.