Children’s Health

Find better ways to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses so kids can be kids.

If you could help a child...
  • fight a disease afflicting their small body,
  • receive treatment specifically tailored to their illness, and
  • grow to become a healthy adult,
Wouldn’t you?

Through research, we’re discovering new treatments and better ways to tackle aggressive cancers like neuroblastoma, the most common cancer in infants. We’re confronting devastating chronic conditions like epilepsy head on, and we’re bringing much-needed care to our communities. When you support our researchers, you’re funding pioneering research that will keep kids safe and thriving, including improving the long-term health for kids with concussions, continued care for children who survive serious illness, and ongoing education for chronic illnesses, like asthma, that affect our community.

  • Cancer: We're building a database for pediatric cancer research to drive the development of better treatments for kids with cancer.
  • Epilepsy: We’re developing new seizure treatments and helping kids who don’t respond to medication by expanding the existing research on epilepsy.
  • Digestive diseases: From inflammatory bowel disease to celiac disease, our pediatric gastroenterologists are working to give children a future free from anxiety and unease.
  • Food allergies: In groundbreaking work, our researchers are examining how the microbiome – gut bacteria – can protect against food allergies.
  • Neonatology: Our doctors are investigating how exposure to different environments affects the microbiome in preterm infant neurodevelopment.
With your help, we can move from trial to therapy, from analysis to life-saving treatment.
  • Your gift to support a Pediatrics Center of Excellence will lead to the recruitment of top specialists in a variety of areas including hematology/oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, and cardiology.
  • Your gift can provide asthma education and care in the community through training and events supported by the South Side Pediatric Asthma Center.
  • Your gift to Comer Children’s Pediatric Mobile Medical Unit will support treatment and health education services to children and adolescents who might not otherwise receive care.
  • Your gift to Comer Children’s Child Life and Family Education program provides comfort to young patients undergoing surgery, procedures, or critical care. This program provides educational, developmental, and therapeutic services for children through programs such as:
    • Music Therapy: Visiting musicians and music therapists spend time playing age-appropriate music for children.
    • Literacy Program: Whether reading quietly in bed or listening to a story in waiting areas, reading is a welcome distraction from pain.
    • Shadow Buddies: These dolls give children a way to identify and relate to their situation.

From expert care for premature babies to routine checkups, we provide children a healthy, dynamic future. With you on board, we’re bound to succeed.

Together, we can change the future for our smallest patients.