Data-Driven Discovery

Create game-changing computational resources and answer critical medical questions with data-driven discovery.

With big data, the next cure really can be around the corner.  In the future…
  • The time between research and discovery will collapse as researchers access vast stores of data, instead of creating it through long study cycles.
  • Discoveries will be informed by data from thousands of patients, not just handfuls of study participants.
  • You will receive personalized care as the data foretells the treatments that work best for you.
You are witnessing a revolution in scientific discovery.

A growing trove of genetic data exists today, enriching our knowledge of human health.  At the same time, powerful computers collect and store vast amounts of other health-related information, including medical records, activity tracking devices like FitBit, and Google searches. By combining these data, and using the sophisticated analytic tools we’re developing, we can uncover the unknown.

Already with your help, the University of Chicago is leading the field of data-driven discovery.

  • We collaborated with the National Cancer Institute to establish the nation's most comprehensive computational facility for cancer genomic data. The NCI Genomic Data Commons (GDC) has expanded access for scientists around the country, speeding up research and, in turn, leading to faster discoveries for patients.

  • We have one of only two computational platforms in the nation with data from the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genome Atlas for researchers to use to drive rapid discovery.

  • We’re using big data to solve medical mysteries across diseases and conditions.

  • We're building a database for pediatric cancer research to drive the development of better treatments for kids with cancer.
  • We’re driving new treatment options where there have been few, such as for pancreatic cancer, and reveal the factors that can predict autism, heart attack, and more.