CEO Aims to Foster Cancer Research

Also new to the Visiting Committee is Justin Ullman. Ullman, CEO of RhinoDox, a document solutions company, has been involved with the University of Chicago Medicine since 2003, when he joined the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation’s (UCCRF) Associates Board. He served as president of that board for four years and was then asked to join the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, where he currently serves as secretary.

Earlier this year, Ullman and his family made a generous contribution to the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center to establish the Ullman Scholarship in Cancer Immunology and the Ullman Fund in Cancer Immunology, supporting the University’s work in immunotherapy.

In his own words, Ullman talks about his new role on the Visiting Committee.

What is your vision as a new Visiting Committee member?

My vision is to give my time, talent, and treasures to the University of Chicago because it has the ability to make cancer an ailment as opposed to what it is today. My interests started and lie squarely there. The University is uniquely positioned to build life-long cancer crusaders beginning with the students it accepts, exposing them to leading-edge technology and research used to understand cancer, training them on the front lines in a world class clinical environment, and then funding their ideas for a cure. The institution’s efforts around cancer should ultimately become a household name like Apple, Tesla, and Amazon.

What do you hope to accomplish in this role?

As a member of the Visiting Committee and an ambassador of the UCCRF Board of Trustees, I hope to dutifully represent the interests of how cancer is looked at from an institutional level. I would like to focus on how the different parties in the Division of the Biological Sciences prioritize cancer, how they speak about it, and how the University plans to tackle it in the future.

What does the University of Chicago mean to you?

To me it’s about feeling confident in our future. Over the years, I have heard outsiders say that “nowhere is anyone more curious than at the University of Chicago.” Impossible problems are solved here. Big ideas are born here. Half of the world's Nobel Prize winners in economics come from this University among numerous other award winners across disciplines.

What have you enjoyed most about your involvement with the University over the years?

I have enjoyed the relationships. I first became involved with the institution in my early 20s. Over the years, I have made life-long relationships with other donors, faculty, and staff. It's personally rewarding to see groups of people unified in making an impact on cancer research and succeeding at it.

October 2015